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An interview with the original Girlfriend from Hell, Liane Curtis, who joins the tavern to talk mini-monsters, demonic possession and the horrors of big hair.

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THE MUSCLE OF HORROR RETURNS! An Interview with David Prior: Deadly Director

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An Interview with David Prior

If you consider yourself a videovore, a BETA collecting junkie, or even just a diehard fan of cult cinema, then there is no doubt you know the name David Prior. The writer-director has blessed the underground film scene with his wildly inventive work for three decades, and many of the movies he released during the VHS boom of the 1980’s have now become beloved cult classics. With such memorable films as Sledgehammer, Night Wars, Raw Justice and the infamous Deadly Prey, Prior has solidified himself as a film-wizard favorite among we subterraneous horror and exploitation fanatics.

David Prior

Last month, we at Tavern of Terror launched a new series of interviews exploring the subculture of horror film fans who also have a passion for fitness. I’m calling these articles The Muscle of Horror. I’m interviewing directors, musicians, writers and other talents to discuss their passion for imagination as well as fitness, and to examine how those two worlds come to collide.

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No matter who you are or what you’re into, you’ll face stereotypes – the preconceived notions people have of whatever it is you’re supposed to be based on where you come from, what you like and do, and how you look.

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Vote for JAQ! Help Liane Curtis out!

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Check this out and rock that vote!

My friend Liane Curtis (Critters 2, Girlfriend from Hell, Sons of Anarchy, Sixteen Candles) needs some help voting for her daughter JAQ on a show called:

American Stars in China.

Please vote Jacqueline Mackenzie into #1 spot. It is totally easy to vote, so let’s all help out this young talent!


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.46.13 AM

1 go to American Stars voting:

2 Scroll down UNDER THE VIDEO BOX to her photo (as pictured above)

3 Hit the red button under her photo

4 Fill in auto capture and hit enter

5 refresh your page and do it 5 more times

Let’s get her out of the hundreds and into the thousands! Let’s do it!

You can vote up to 6 times every day until 1/15/2013.




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Married With Christmas

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Hey Tavernities, put on your best grinch face and check out my guest post at Shit Movie Fest’s annual Shitmas special. Get ready to grump your way through every blasphemous Bundy Christmas – from a dead, splattered Santa to decapitated Nativity scenes!

JUST CLICK ON PEGGY TO GO THERE (or click this text)!

pic 4

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UPDATE: What’s Lurking (and some news about a book)

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The autumn wind howls like a distant wolf. The air turns not just cold, but a little bit mean. Winter lurks inward with shorter days and ruthless nights.




It may seem like a ghost town over here at Tavern of Terror, but trust me when I say that we have incredible things in the works – including interviews, contests, reviews, giveaways and some solid new articles.

But beyond that, your bartender (and head content writer here) Kristopher Triana is hard at work on a forthcoming horror BOOK being published by Blue Juice Comics. Stay tuned for more home-brewed horrors, fright fans!



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