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As any true horror fan should know, the 2006 mockumentary Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon was an intelligent and loving nod to the bygone slasher genre. Insightful, hilarious and even offering retro-style chills, this indie film securely planted its lead character Leslie Vernon into the hearts of horror nerds everywhere, myself included. If by some Shakespearian tragedy you have not seen the film yet, it is readily accessible right now on Netflix’s streaming/instant watch and I strongly encourage fans of horror, comedy, and just downright good entertainment to give it a viewing. Despite its cult following, and cast of genre favorites like Robert Englund and Zelda Rubinstein, this movie has had trouble getting a studio to fully back the sequel that director Scott Glosserman has been trying to make.

A huge funding campaign for Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon, was started over a year ago, utilizing social media networks like Facebook to reach out to fans to request something rather simple: real support.

What Glosserman and the cast and crew are asking for is pledges from the fans. But they’re not asking for flat out charity. A pledged donation to the production of the film can land you a copy of the DVD or Blue Ray when the film is released, or posters, or even a small cameo in the film if you pledge enough. And here’s the most legit aspect of all of this: if the film doesn’t get made, you never get charged. You’re only pledging funds at this point. That’s like an I.O.U.

The funding project has moved on over to Kickstarter where you can pick which pledge package or donation amount you wish to give. This page also details the crew’s quest to bring Leslie back to the screen. They have a backer who will match every dollar they raise, but they need to get to $450,000 in pledges by August 9, otherwise it is all a bust and Leslie will be lost forever. They’ve hit a solid $104,630 at the time of my writing this, but the clock is running down every day, so let me just take a moment of your time to explain why you should pledge.

The Return of Leslie VernonLook at it this way: if you and a date go to the movies and see the latest summer blockbuster, you’re going to spend at least $30 in the process and you’ll be supporting Hollywood, who doesn’t need your support. That same $30 could be pledged to helping underground artists produce a film that focuses on story rather than CGI. You and your date would get to enjoy watching the movie eventually when you get your copy of it, and in the meantime you’ll know you’ve made a difference in the indie film world. In a very real way, you’ve helped produce a motion picture. Instead of flushing your cash away on the latest lame remake, you have voted with your dollars and shown Hollywood that your not gonna take it anymore. You’ve been proactive about your entertainment! Good for you!

In addition, you have participated in something very unique. Other indie films may start getting funding in the same way given the ever-increasing dependence on the internet for everything. One day you might be able to say you funded indie films before it was cool.

But, most of all, you wouldn’t just be supporting some beret-wearing, thin cigarette smoking, arty hipster who wants to make his own little The Seventh Seal. You’re not throwing money away on pretentious art-house tomfoolery. You’re also not funding a movie that you’re going into totally blind. For there are two kinds of people in this world: people who love Behind The Mask, and people who just haven’t seen it yet. By funding the sequel you’ll know your hard earned cash is going towards a movie that deserves to be funded. You’re investing in a movie you can be sure you’ll enjoy watching and be damn proud to have been a part of.

You’re not just saving Leslie Vernon. You’re saving quality, indie films. All for the same cost of going to see a turd like Battleship just once.

Make your pledge today and make a world of difference.

Leslie Vernon officiates

We love ya’, Leslie! May you rise to slash again!




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  1. you make the great point about being PROACTIVE with your entertainment. we’re at an amazing point with social media to truly be able to rally thousands of small contributions and be a part of something very exciting.

    i hate to compare it to politics, but with this campaign we can actually vote in a meaningful way for the kind of entertainment we WANT.

    we can spend a few dollars to get something awesome made by people who actually care about the project’s integrity, or we can go watch some transparent garbage about katy perry.

  2. I hope you get enough! This film is made with love and if it’s half as entertaining as the first, we’ll be in horror-fan heaven!


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