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www.tavernofterror.comThe air is getting cooler and the leaves are turning gold. The Halloween decorations are coming out of the shed and everyone’s watching scary movies. It’s what horrorhounds call the most wonderful time of the year. October is here at last! Let’s revel in it, shall we?



Hard to believe that there has been that many Simpsons Halloween specials, but behold, tonight premiers the all new Treehouse of Horror XXIII! On top of being a big horror-freak, I am also an enormous Simpsons freak, so when these two worlds collide in the Treehouse episodes I am truly at the pinnacle of my happy place. Even though the horror elements have been sadly lacking from recent years episodes, I still eagerly anticipate these specials each fall and always will. I also consider watching all of the previous episodes standard holiday viewing!



This webpage will have you marinating in nostalgia and searching ebay in desperation. Filled with pictures and in depth info, this website showcases all of the greatest monster toys through the 60′s to the 90’s, everything from Aurora’s classic model kits to McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs! My favorites have long been the Remco Universal Monsters that glowed in the dark.


If anyone knows where the Tavern could acquire those 1960’s Universal Monster pint glasses, drop us a line would ya’?!?!


Check out the contest over at Guts and Grog! This easy-to-enter giveaway is handing out a pile of hard-to-find horror flicks including Popcorn, Madman and Nightmare… not to mention the sickening, grindhouse sleaze of Nekromantik!


Tim Burton returns to form with this full-length animated version of his classic short film. Filled with old-school Burton magic, this one is bound to please fans of his early work who have grown tired of his weak remakes in which Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter have their little who looks weirder contests.


Scream factory has done it again! They are releasing the uber-rare slasher The Town That Dreaded Sundown unto DVD for the very first time. Sound the trombones! If you’ve seen it, you’ll get that joke.


On top of being a horror nerd, and a Simpsons nerd, I am also a raving nut for old western movies. I get just as excited watching Chato’s Land and True Grit as I do watching Friday the 13th. So bear with me here.

I’m only in my thirties, so it may seem weird that I love The Lone Ranger so much, but that was the power of Nick at Night. I grew up watching Clayton Moore as that masked avenging cowboy. And even grew to idolize the character.

Now there’s a trailer for an all new Ranger….

This incarnation looks interesting, but there’s reliable Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter having their weird looks contest again. The whole Matrix-ish action sequences puts me off too, as does the fact that the title character is being played by a guy who no one has heard of (though he at least looks the part, unlike Depp’s mystical Tonto and his moronic bird hat). I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Jonah Hex. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and try not to be too cynical despite knowing better.

I’d love to see the masked man, and blockbuster westerns, return to the silver screen.

That’s it for this week’s round-up. It’s a chilly, rainy autumn day so the wife and I are having a practice Thanksgiving! A turkey, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts… and of course some beer.


Thanksgiving 2011. What, isn’t this how everyone spends their holidays?

Speaking of beer, this is the time of year when pumpkin beer and heavy stouts are plentiful. For a new way to experience them both, the wife has a simple recipe we call a “Rotten Pumpkin.” It’s easy, we promise.


serves 4 lightweights, or one boozer

  • 3 pumpkin ales (recommended: Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale)
  • 1 dark stout (recommended: Victory Storm King Stout)

Fill each pint glass with 3/4 of the pumpkin ale (9 oz), and 1/4 of the dark stout (3 oz). Gently stir if desired. Drink up.

You could of course just make one drink by pouring 3/4 of your pumpkin ale into a glass and topping it off with the stout, but we like to make sure no beer gets wasted here! The wife likes to go a little heavier on the stout and lighter on the pumpkin so feel free to experiment with the proportions. This is a great way to temper some of the overwhelming sweetness of pumpkin ales or, alternatively, make a dark stout less intense. It tastes like a roasted pumpkin pie crust to us — enjoy!

Horror movies will more than likely accompany today, as was the case on October 4th when most people were watching the presidential debates while I watched  Ernest Scared Stupid yet again while doing shots of blackberry moonshine. True story.


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