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www.tavernofterror.comBack in the 80’s and 90s, instead of barfing out remakes of horror movies the studios instead flooded the markets with endless sequels.

Not only did horror heavyweights like Jason and Michael get endless (and sometimes yearly) continuations of their slaughter sagas, but even lesser demons like Leprechaun and Wishmaster found themselves traveling to Hawaii, The Hood, and even into space just to have yet another theater-seat-filling romp. Thanks to the old horror sequel train, Chucky got a bride, the Ghoulies went to college, and Pinhead built new cenobites at Radio Shack… all in efforts to keep the party going.

But if one 80’s fright fiend really wanted to keep the killer party going, it would have to be Night of the Demons’ Angela. That bitch really knew how to party.


The original Night of the Demons from 1988 is a popular cult flick among horror-freaks like myself. It tells the insane little tale of an eclectic group of rowdy teens who throw a Halloween party in a place called Hull House, a spooky former funeral parlor now long abandoned. When goth-girl Angela decides to summon evil spirits to liven things up, the party takes a nightmarish turn as demonic possession begins to take some of the group over. Loaded with sexuality, practical effects, buckets of gore and a riotous leading she-demon, this film has earned its status in the horrorsphere as a timeless b-horror delight.

I’d seen Night of the Demons countless times, I fucking love it, and it has become part of my regular Halloween viewing schedule. I even gave the remake a chance… shudder. So why, one might ask, did I not see the sequel until yesterday?

Hell if I know, dude.

When you’ve seen so many horror films, sometimes you begin to lose track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been excited to see some b-movie rental only to realize I’ve seen it already. I’m not sure if I thought I had already seen Night of the Demons 2, if I had confused it with Return of the Living Dead 3 because of the cover art, or if I had just overlooked and forgotten about it. It’s not often mentioned or seen on store shelves. But for some reason or another it sparked my interest recently and I realized I had not ever partook in its experience. So I decided to check it out, curious, if for no other reason because Amelia Kinkade had come back to reprise the role of Angela.

I popped it in and knew right away that I hadn’t seen it before, because I would have remembered it and bought it long ago. I also knew that now I just had to review Night of the Demons 2.

The sequel, released six full years after its predecessor, starts off with Hull House and some clueless door-to-door bible thumpers. Angela returns to the screen right away and I must say as a horror fanatic it is so good to see her again. Already the film charges forward with old school horror movie style, blending black comedy and out of control gore.

The movie then centers on a Catholic school for troubled teens where we meet our star players, including Angela’s sheepish sister Melissa (known as Mouse) and a her roommates: a trio of drool-worthy babes including our redheaded heroine Bibi, the bubbly blonde Terri, and the voluptuous brunette bully, Shirley. We also meet the guys, Kurt and Johnny, who will spend the movie (and of course endanger their lives) trying to get into these girls’ pants.

We’re also treated to a stern Nun named Sister Gloria, a laid back Priest, and the school nerd Perry, who obsesses over demonology.

After getting in trouble for suggestive rough housing, the bulk of the girls and their beaus are banned from the annual Halloween dance — so they decide to sneak out for a little holiday mischief of their own, along with Shirley’s thug boyfriend Rick and total demon-fodder Z-Boy. Shirley insists that they bring Mouse along, with mean girl ulterior motives of course.

The group ends up at Hull House, much to Mouse’s chagrin seeing how this is where her sister died. The group dicks around, and Bibi and Johnny take off for a sensuous scene that really should have solidified Cristi Harris (Bibi) as a scream queen for life. Then what starts as a mere Halloween prank by the punks of the gang wakes up Hull House’s resident party pooper, Angela, who springs forth with her hellish minions. After some scary shenanigans, the group escapes, minus Z-Boy who stays behind and gets the ride of his short life from Angela, along with some sort of satanic STD.

However, Bibi stupidly swiped a lipstick from Hull House (fans of Linnea Quigley will remember that lipstick), so their nightmare isn’t over, you see.  Bibi tries to apply the lipstick (though why she would want to apply some old, used lipstick is questionable) and it slithers at her. She wants to toss it but Shirley, being the stereotypical dark slut, decides to keep it.

Meanwhile, back at the school, Perry realizes that this little Hull House party has gone on and he rats out the cool kids to hard-ass Sister Gloria. They both leave the lame Halloween dance to go narc to father Bob, leaving the students to turn off the Barry Manilow and get-it-started-in-here.

The group arrives back from Hull House and joins the dance unwittingly with Angela and her evil forces in tow thanks to the lipstick that serves as a sort of portal to the netherworld.

How awesome is that?!?!

I’ll tell you how awesome.

Shirley takes a bathroom break and when she tries to use the lipstick it turns into a dog-dick tentacle that slithers up her thigh and possesses her via penetration. That’s how awesome this shit is.

The Halloween dance really kicks out the jams now as Angela arrives and begins to shimmy. Fans of the original will recall her morbidly sexy pseudo-strip tease to The Bauhaus. The sequel amps it up a little, having her thrash to the satanic death metal of Morbid Angel, twisting under a strobe light in a horny seizure.

There is nothing about this that I don’t like. It is a perfect moment in film history and I can’t wait to watch it again and again.

Shirley, now possessed, joins the dance and makes out with Angela. This is much more fun than watching the two of them (Amelia Kinkade and Zoe Thrilling) dance together in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

Shirley then unleashes her ample D-cups which go from delicious to malicious. The whole place explodes into a goddamned demon frenzy that couldn’t possibly be more entertaining to watch. During the chaos, Angela kidnaps her little sister Mouse and drags her back to Hull House for … you guessed it… sacrifice! Woo-hoo!

Sister Gloria and Perry return in time just to realize the shit-storm they’re dealing with, and the two become like the Batman and Robin of Catholicism, filling up squirt-guns and balloons with holy water as they prepare to battle Beelzebub.

That’s right, I said squirt-guns and balloons full of Holy Water. Fuckin’ awesome.

So now along with Bibi and the others, they head back to Hull House to rescue Mouse, and the rest of the movie surges with gore, ghouls, and body part humor, all with the same frantic pace as the original. The special effects are practical and glorious, especially in the double-wammy finale of giant monsters and guts, and the ending results in a sequel that both satisfied and surprised this old horrorhound.


This is a fucking fantastic sequel.

Sure, this movie isn’t exactly mind-blowing, and yes, it steers from the source material a bit, but what more could you really want from a b-movie sequel than everything this offers? I think that everything that made the original so much fun is not only present here but even amped up at times. Most “part twos” go by the rule of being like the first movie on roids, and this one is no exception. Featuring monster tits, severed head basket ball, ass-kicking nuns and toilet-dwelling creeps, this movie is a showcase for everything b-horror fans bark for. It also parades around some immaculate babes amidst all the crazed carnage. In fact it not only has copious amounts of T&A and rubber ghouls, it positively flaunts them while cranking up Florida death metal.

Ahhh, 1994…

I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner, but in a way I’m glad I didn’t, because this was like a much welcomed time machine to an era in horror movies that is sadly long gone, yet the very era that I miss the most. This came out at the tail-end of that time, when the glorious mania of what we now lump together and call 80’s horror (roughly the films from 1982-1995) was still going strong but was steadily becoming a relic.

It’s nice to now have an all-new old favorite.

  • RATING: A high 4 out of 5. This was the most fun I’ve had watching a horror flick in awhile. It has earned its place upon the tavern’s shelf beside the original.
  • CHICK OF THE LITTER: Night of the Demons 2 gives you the perfect trio of blonde, brunette and redhead to choose from. While Terri is cute (Cristine Taylor of The Brady Bunch Movie) and Shirley is a jiggly bombshell (elusive cult starlet Zoe Thrilling), they don’t have anything on the stunning beauty of Bibi (Cristi Harris). But to be fair, I’m always a sucker for a pale redhead.


With a movie like this, it isn’t so much the beer that you choose, but the company that you share it with. Both Night of The Demons and Night of the Demons 2 are best enjoyed not just with brews but with buddies too. These are party films that make for fun parties themselves, and they also have limitless drinking game potential. A double feature would make you a much hailed horror-film host.

Perhaps a variety pack is in order. As your bartender I will suggest Sam Adams’ Fall Harvest selection. It contains one of my favorite beers, the Octoberfest, as well as a not-too-sweet Pumpkin beer with four malts for seasonal flavor, a new Hazel Brown that is nutty and dark with soft toffee undertones (making it not as bitter as most browns) and a few other decent beers from the American craftsmen. Just avoid the Dunkenwisen — we at the Tavern feel this one wears out its welcome real quick. Speaking of quick, get your hands on this 12-pack while you can — Thanksgiving may still be a month away, but autumn beers are quickly disappearing to make way for winter varieties.

Being a fall beer pack, this will be the perfect Halloween party favor for your annual bash at ol’ Hull House.

Just be sure to send Angela my love.

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  1. Love the “Satanic” strip tease w/ Morbid Angel!!!! Still give’s me goose bumps of pleasure.

  2. Fun fact: Christi Harris (my favorite as well) was only 15 when this movie was filmed (it was released when she was 16). Someone, the filmmakers apparently argued that this movie had enough artistic integrity to warrant gratuitously showing 15 year old boobs (as parental consent is not enough).

  3. Jason, I was actually wondering about that when I did the math on IMDB of her birthday compared to the release date. Something is off here…. the movie would be banned otherwise, right?

  4. Thora Birch showed her boobs in American Beauty. She was 16. Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon (15 I think). In the US, to show underage nudity, it has to be brought before a court to show that there is artistic integrity to the film. In European countries, it’s OK anytime. I did a bit of research on this last night when I came to the conclusion she was underage. She also showed tit in Night Of The Scarecrow when she was 16. I suppose it’s possible she was emancipated, but from what I understand her mother was her manager.

  5. That’s actually very interesting. Even more so to think that this movie was deemed artistic enough to allow it! I remember Night of the Scarecrow too. Classic straight to video B-movie.

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