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Yes, we know. This is supposed to be a ‘weekly” roundup and last Sunday we didn’t have one. Well, last weekend was a busy blast for us as we attended Charlotte’s second annual Mad Monster Party, one of the biggest and best horror cons in the south.

Featuring celebrity guests, crazed vendors, haunted houses, a film festival, panels and even scaraoke, this was the horror event of the season and you know the Tavern was there, representin’!

So this weekend’s roundup is going to highlight all of the horror scoops we unearthed in our adventures there. However, I must first confess my lameness in missing two key events: the photo-op with Bruce Campbell and the exclusive screening of Maniac on Friday (sadly, I have a life outside of loving horror, and it got in the way). Still, I came back from this con with a lot of info and artifacts that I can’t wait to share with all you Tavernities. So why wait?




There was a vast assortment of horror guests this year, the biggest attractions being Bruce Campbell and Haruo Nakajima. There were many con regulars too, such as Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder. But there were two who I had not met yet that I was really stoked about, and one of them was scream queen Linnea Quigely.


linnea quigley


Linnea was incredibly nice and personal. We actually share the same publisher too, Dark Moon Books. She has done two novels with them, and I wrote the closing story in their alternate history horror anthology Zombie Jesus and Other True Stories. So it was nice to have that in common with her.

I’ve met Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley and Angus Scrimm. But I still consider Linnea one of the biggest horror stars I’ve ever met. She has contributed so much to the genre, appearing in over 100 films, most of them being fright flicks. Starring in such classics as Night of the Demons, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, having a cameo inside of Freddy Kruger’s chest, and shining in my favorite zombie film of all time, The Return of the Living Dead, make her the ultimate scream queen in my eyes.


And who could forget her Horror Workout?



The other celebrity I was dying to meet was metal goddess Lita Ford. She was also very cool, and she enjoyed it when my wife told her about my boyhood crush (awww, jeez).  Can you blame me after growing up watching this video?



Lita’s new album, Living Like a Runaway, is a true return to form for her and I recommend everyone check it out. Here we are throwin’ the horns with her. She’ still got it!




But the most interesting interaction we had was at the hotel bar, when Jake the Snake pulled up a stool next to us and started talking about how evil gluten is. True story. He also thought my wife was damn beautiful. I agree with him. He actually said he should be paying to get a picture with her! Haha! He was friendly as Hell, and told us to stay together. We plan on it, Jake, but thanks for the encouragement.







Speaking of wrestling, one of the coolest things we encountered at the con was this event coming up in Atlanta. What’s more fun than wrestling? How about wrestling monsters? Frankenstein, Wolfman, Gillman and more will be putting the smack down on May 3rd at the Famous Pub.








T-Shirt Bordello has been great to us as an affiliate. When we met up with them at the con they gave us some sweet barware to add to the Tavern, including these Shaun of The Dead glasses and a Bates Motel mug to sip coffee out of when I write these roundups at 5am. They also gave me this incredible Ash Boomstick Stout shirt, knowing what a fiend I am for 80’s horror and malty brews. Get your own here.




In addtion to this, they launched a brand new Walking Dead Ale tee that is currently on sale for all you Dead-Heads!







The wife is the artist in the family, and she fell in love with the work of John Hairston Jr at Mad Monster. His vivid illustrations brought a touch of color to the horror art booths, and he was a genuinely interesting dude to talk to. Check out his illuminating work.







Another solid event for horror fans in Charlotte is the upcoming Zombie Bar Crawl on April 13th. Stops include Fox and Hound, Dixie’s Tavern, Fitzgerald’s, Tilt on Trade, Roxbury, Town Tavern, Prohibition and Blackfinn. The undead fun starts at 4pm and goes until 2am.

Save $5 on an advance tickets today by using the promo code “uptown”!








I picked up a sweet Evil Dead II koozie for the bar at the Goblinhaus booth. They have many more to choose from too, on top of patches, model kits, vintage Halloween costumes and all sorts of other stuff for you to blow a paycheck on!







As always, we stopped by to see the good folks at VHSPS and I grabbed copies of my long sought after favorites Society and the crap-tastic Boardinghouse which is our RETRO TRAILER OF THE WEEK!



 Find some of your own long-lost video treasures at their rockin’ site.







The traveling prop-show Evil Puppets had an excellent display of some screen-used props, including creeps from Ghoulies, Meet the Feebles and Troll. You can currently bid on some of the props or show your love of with a sweet Evil Puppets shirt, including this one with art by London 1888’s Christopher Ott!


ghoulies shirt





All of the above mentioned stuff should be enough to convince you to check out a horrorcon near you. This was my fifth one and one of my favorites. I could go on and on about the additional festivities there, including a wax museum and a horror beauty pageant, but pictures are worth a thousand words so we’re gonna close with two that should sell ya’ on the whole thing.


Where else are you going to see Lita Ford thrashin’ with Lea Thompson…


lita and lea

…and Danielle Harris hangin’ with Salacious B. Crumb?


harris puppets


That’s all for this week! Have an evil Easter!

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