I’ve been a horror fanatic my entire life.

Even as a kid I was more interested in Freddy Krueger than Spiderman, playing with rubber Halloween figures of The Wolfman and The Mummy instead of with Transformers.  A trip to the video store meant I could ogle all the scary VHS cover art on that dusty shelf in the back, and late night television proved itself to be a gateway to great night frights.

As I got older I became obsessed: movies, books, magazines, artwork, music and more. I started off with the classics like Carpenter and King, eventually making my way over to Dekker and Ketchum, and then deeper still with Henenlotter and Lee. I devoured the genre and became a part of it in my own right as a horror writer. I began to attend conventions, meet my horror heroes, and collect memorabilia that was steadily piling up all over my house.

My lovely and patient wife enjoys horror, but she really wanted the majority of the merch to go into one room. This was okay by me, because it meant I could have my own little horror museum to hang out in. So the posters, figures, and even my beloved soil sample from the farmland where the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre was filmed, all went into the spare room…. Along with the life-sized, moving Jason Vorhees.

But as I found myself spending so much of my leisure time drinking interesting brews while watching underground horror movies, an idea popped into my head. Why not turn the horror room into a horror bar? It would make the room more socially inviting and I could tie it all in to a website where I could offer reviews of both underground horror films and lesser-known booze; kind of like dinner and movie, only better because you get to drink your dinner and the movies tend to have a lot of gory deaths in them.


It was a labor of love, but my wife and I worked on it all for a month or so before launching the page. The bar had to be built, spooky barware had to be purchased, material had to be written and the page had to be formatted. Luckily, I’m a big picture kind of guy and she’s a details kind of gal. I write the reviews, she designs the webpage as well as providing the gorgeous art, and we both handle the drinking!

So join us in our Tavern of Terror. Take the virtual tour, read some reviews, and be sure to post comments of your own (all you need is an email, no signing up necessary). “Like” us on Facebook and spread the word to any of your pals who also enjoy good frights and good beers.



  1. Where have you been all my life?

  2. Glad to have you at The Tavern, Brooke!

  3. Cool man….it feels great to see your work being appreciated across the globe. Awesome!!1

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