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It’s that darkly magical time of year again: HALLOWEEN.


It may only be mid-September, but we horror fans are already starting to celebrate the Season of the Witch, and the fall beers are joining us. One of our favorites at the tavern is Big Boss Brewery’s Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Big Boss to giveaway some spooky swag this Friday the 13th! While we’d love to send you the beer itself, the fuzz won’t allow it – but don’t worry, we’re making up for it with a glorious gift set. Barware, T-shirts and stickers abound, all featuring the reaper and sickle image and spouting that Danzig style font. This beer knows how to kick it wicked.


harvest set


Last year I whipped up this Top ten List of The Best Halloween Horror Movies, showcasing my selection for the films that best embody the spirit of the holiday. I decided to repost it here for our Harvest of Horrors Giveaway. Check it out and then find out how to enter to WIN!

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In our second beer-specific post, we teamed up with fellow gorehound and booze enthusiast Tom from Shit Movie Fest, one of our favorite blogs. Together we attacked some of the best seasonal and spooky themed beers to bring you this delicious, drunken report. While the Tavern is down south, Tom is up north,  so together we could cover more variety as each region has different selections!

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Attack of the SPOOKY BEERS!

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Attack of the SPOOKY BEERS!

Autumn is awesome for horror fans, with October being the one month when everyone else is just as interested in frights as we are year-round. But fall has more to it than just the magic of Halloween. It also offers a cool relief from summer, hypnotic foliage, and some of the most delicious seasonal beers.

The wife and I both love Octoberfest beers as well as strong Pumpkin brews. We look forward to them every year and stock up as much as we can before they get replaced by those horrible cinnamon Christmas beers that taste like smelly candles.

So in honor of the fall beer season, which always starts early, we decided to hold our first official beer tasting here at Tavern of Terror. We chose not just seasonal beers, but also a wide variety of spooky brews and horror-themed beverages. The missus even made a fanciful platter of cheeses, fruits, dried meats and crackers to pair with each beverage selection. We put on a little Alice Cooper, cranked the a/c, and had ourselves one hell of evening.

Pop a top off and join us………..

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