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Coming Soon: BODY ART, an extreme horror novel

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My extreme horror novel “Body Art” has just been picked up by the good madmen over at Blood Bound Books!

This one is as bloody and twisted as it gets, folks. I like to refer to it as “Hellraiser” meets “Deep Throat”.

I worked with BBB before when my short story “The Devouring” appeared in “D.O.A. II“. I am so glad to once again be working with one of the best, no-holds-barred horror presses out there! Stay tuned for more gruesome details as this develops.horror-art

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UPDATE: What’s Lurking (and some news about a book)

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The autumn wind howls like a distant wolf. The air turns not just cold, but a little bit mean. Winter lurks inward with shorter days and ruthless nights.




It may seem like a ghost town over here at Tavern of Terror, but trust me when I say that we have incredible things in the works – including interviews, contests, reviews, giveaways and some solid new articles.

But beyond that, your bartender (and head content writer here) Kristopher Triana is hard at work on a forthcoming horror BOOK being published by Blue Juice Comics. Stay tuned for more home-brewed horrors, fright fans!



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How appropriate that Hatchet III, the third installment in the cult horror franchise, should be released for Father’s Day weekend. Those of you who are familiar with Victor Crowley, arguably the most beloved slasher of the new millennium, know that he has serious Daddy issues.

I’ve followed the Hatchet saga since the beginning, seeing the premier of the original in a low-rent theater outside of Boston. Its classic 80’s slasher feel, during the rise of tired remakes and SOV drivel, was a much-appreciated back-to-basics for gorehounds across the world.

The second film, though bogged down by too much juxtaposition and needlessly complicated back story, delivered the same sort of creative kills and high octane violence that made the first one such a delight – so much so that it had to be released unrated to keep the carnage in tact.

For the third and possibly final film in the Crowley legacy, writer-director Adam Green passes the director’s torch to Florida filmmaker BJ McDonnell, but still wields his creative wand as screenwriter.

Does the third film deliver, or is it time to give Victor Crowley the axe?


Now available in select theaters and on every VOD site, it’s up to us horror fans to judge for ourselves. We at the Tavern downloaded it as soon as we could, and although we’re still bogged down in a big project that put our webpage on hold all through May, we thought the return of Victor Crowley should get us to dust off our keyboard.

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www.tavernofterror.comChristmas horror movies always put a smile on my face. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the sickeningly sweet holiday season get a chainsaw shoved up its ass at full tilt. Maybe its being forced to listen to Christmas carols everywhere I go for a solid month, or maybe it’s the hypocritical commercialization, or maybe its the nail-on-chalkboard screech of Rudolph’s nose – whatever the cause, Christmas season always annoys the shit out of me, and therefore I love seeing it defiled.

I don’t think that anyone will argue with me that the 1984 slasher film Silent Night, Deadly Night, defiles Christmas like no other movie ever dared to. Filled with murder, rape, abusive nuns and enough grindhouse sleaze to make Joe Spinell fill a barf bag, this cult classic is the heavyweight champ of holiday horror. The controversy it caused is now infamous – trailers for the film ran during the day showing a killer Santa, and that got the PTA in an uproar leading to massive boycotts that got the film pulled from theaters. Effeminate male film critics spat venom at the movie and of course that only got teenage horror fans more excited to see it.

Despite the hoopla, the film spawned several sequels (albeit pretty terrible and mostly unrelated) and now it seems it is up next on Hollywood’s remake chopping block. Clearly it is a loose remake, as modern horror, although its enjoys producing faux grindhouse, has moved far from the exploitative, grimy nature of films like the original Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Can this new killer Santa provide that anti-holiday cheer fans of the original desire, or does his fat ass just get stuck in the chimney of mainstream horror schlock?

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www.tavernofterror.comTHE LOVED ONES (2009)

Australia’s little horror opus, The Loved Ones, has finally come to the U.S.A, and there has been a lot of chatter about its gore-soaked goodness – from a cover story in Rue Morgue to the gleeful cheers and jeers out there in the blog-o-sphere. The Tavern of Terror got our hands on this creeper from down under and thought it was just ripe for reviewing, so strap on your feedbag, its time to dig in!


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I had been waiting to see Star Vehicle for quite some time.

I really enjoyed cult director Ryan Nicholson’s sleazy slasher-comedy Gutterballs, and even appreciated the twisted sickness of his splatter flick Hanger. So, naturally, I was excited to hear about a new project he was working on called Star Vehicle, which would later be horribly renamed Bleading Lady in an asinine pun.

Problem was, I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

See, I didn’t know it had been renamed, so I just kept looking for Star Vehicle. All I could find was a copy of the score by Gianni Rossi, the movie composer pseudonym for Zombi’s uber-talented Steve Moore. I snagged a copy of the soundtrack without thinking twice, having played his previous score for Gutterballs enough to drive anyone bananas. For nine months before seeing the movie I’ve been jamming to this incredible Rossi synth score that is part Gallio-style Goblin romp and part Carpenter Casio beat down. If you love 80’s horror scores you cannot go wrong with a Rossi score, or any of Moore’s atmospheric Zombi work.

But anyway, let’s get down to me finally seeing the movie.

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