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Pre-Order my debut novel – THE RUIN SEASON

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The wait is almost over. My debut novel The Ruin Season comes out on June 23rd. But you can PRE-ORDER it NOW from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing!
Read all about it and pre-order yours now:

The Ruin Season cover art


Jake Leonard has more than his share of trouble.
He’s close to forty now and still suffers from bipolar disorder and the painful memories of the psychotic episodes that derailed his life and sent him behind bars as a youth. He lives in the rural south where he spends his days breaking horses and his nights training dogs in solitude. His nineteen-year-old girlfriend, Nikki, is the daughter of the sheriff, and she’s just getting worse with drugs, alcohol and satanic metal, eventually leading into heroin and low-budget porn. When Jake reconnects with his ex-wife, things become even more complicated, and the limits of love and madness get pushed to the breaking point.
The Ruin Season is a haunting tale of a mentally ill man struggling in a violent and heartless world. It is a story of unrequited love, rage, and bloody revenge. It moves forward in the style of gritty southern gothic novels, in the tradition of Larry Brown, Harry Crews, Daniel Woodrell, Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Conner. It shows both the tender and horrible sides of insanity as well as the seedy underbelly of the American, backwoods suburbs.


About the author:

Kristopher Triana’s short story collection, Growing Dark, is now available from Blue Juice Press. Rue Morgue Magazine said: “Growing Dark is Kristopher Triana’s love letter to everything dark and spooky, whether it be nods to ’80s horror movies or demon-haunted canyons… his knack for imagery makes this short story collection a must read.”

His novel, The Ruin Season, will be published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing in the summer of 2016. Also look for his extreme horror novel, Body Art, which will be released later in 2016 by Blood Bound Books.

Most recently his short story “Dog Years” appeared in Selfies from the End of the World by Mad Scientist Journal and his short story “Dead End” was selected by Comet Press as one of 2015’s Best Hardcore Horror Stories. His short fiction appeared in the extreme horror anthology D.O.A. II, alongside such genre heavyweights as Jack Ketchum and Wrath James White. Other anthologies he’s been featured in include Chilling Horror Short Stories, The Ghost Is the Machine, Wretched Moments, How the West Was Wicked, and Zombie Jesus and other True Stories to name a few. On top of anthology work he has been published in magazines and online, including Spinetingler Magazine and Halloween Forevermore, and some of his work has been translated into Russian.

He is an obsessive cult film collector and all around horror fanatic who savors old western novels and binge watches Batman the Animated Series. Triana works as a professional dog trainer and lives in North Carolina with his wife.


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Haunting tales of horror…

My book, “Growing Dark” by Kristopher Triana, is now available directly from the publisher for only $15 per book. You can use paypal on their website:


It is also available for pre-order on Amazon, with an official release date of July 28th, as well as the Kindle version which is already available for down load.

This is a collection of ten of my darkest short stories, some of which have appeared in magazines and anthologies, while others are new and exclusive to this book.

growing dark cover final
A small town is ruined by black rain, and two police officers find themselves face to face with the creatures lurking in the flooded streets. Paramedics find a remedy for a zombie virus outbreak — but can the survivors come to terms with their cannibalism? Former high-school sweethearts reconnect for the anniversary of a murder. Two deceased movie legends come back as avenging angels, tracking demons through haunted canyons. In the Wild West, an aging gunslinger returns to his favorite brothel, only to encounter a fathomless tar that’s devouring everyone within.
These stories and more fill Growing Dark. A macabre book of bloodcurdling terror, ranging from otherworldly evils to very human nightmares, this powerful collection is sure to keep you sleeping with the lights on.

“Triana has a voice unmatched by other writers in his field. His short stories pack more punch than your average novel. Beware of this man’s words, for they are dangerous and contagious.”
—Max Booth III, author of Toxicity

“Triana’s work really brings the thunder!”
—Jon Mikl Thor, musician, bodybuilder and actor (Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare)

“Kristopher Triana’s short story collection is a great read. His stories will keep you engaged and… I have to say I am not easily frightened but I caught myself white knuckling a few times. Thanks for the ride, Kris! ”
–Liane Curtis, actress (Sixteen Candles, Critters 2, Sons of Anarchy)

“Kristopher Triana is a great writer with a ton of imagination. His short stories are full of twists and turns that keep you wanting more!”
–Ted Prior, actor and director (Deadly Prey, Killer Workout)

“Kristopher Triana is one of the last, true badasses.”
—Tim Morse of Anal Cunt
“Kris Triana is bound to give the big boys of horror a run for their money! Whether it’s ‘quiet’ horror with a slow build or something incredibly extreme, Triana writes characters you care about, fleshing them out so well that you’ll cringe when he suddenly pulls the rug out from under you and viciously flays them alive. Seeing his name attached to any story guarantees you’re in for a great, ghoulish read!”
—Matt Kurtz, author of Monkey’s Box of Horrors

“Triana’s writing will make your soul feel like more maggots are raining out of it than in a Fulci film. It’s hyper reality crossed with the monsters under your bed – and they’re going to fight for your fear.”
–Eric Martin, Guts and Grog

“Growing Dark is a nerve-frying collection of short stories.”
–Tom Bryce, Shit Movie Fest

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Giving from the Bottom: a short story from my forthcoming book

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My short story, “Giving from the Bottom” (which at the time was named “Giving from the Broken-Down Bottom”), was published in Spinetingler Magazine in 2011. It is a dark drama about two cousins making a large theft at Christmas time.

This story amongst others (some dark dramas like this one and lots of horror stories) will be featured in my forthcoming book “Growing Dark” which is being published by Blue Juice Press this spring.


You can read the story for free here and get a taste of my style. You can also read my flash fiction banshee tale “Freckles“, which was just published on Halloween Forevermore.

More news on the book’s official release date coming soon.

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Married With Christmas

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Hey Tavernities, put on your best grinch face and check out my guest post at Shit Movie Fest’s annual Shitmas special. Get ready to grump your way through every blasphemous Bundy Christmas – from a dead, splattered Santa to decapitated Nativity scenes!

JUST CLICK ON PEGGY TO GO THERE (or click this text)!

pic 4

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It’s that darkly magical time of year again: HALLOWEEN.


It may only be mid-September, but we horror fans are already starting to celebrate the Season of the Witch, and the fall beers are joining us. One of our favorites at the tavern is Big Boss Brewery’s Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Big Boss to giveaway some spooky swag this Friday the 13th! While we’d love to send you the beer itself, the fuzz won’t allow it – but don’t worry, we’re making up for it with a glorious gift set. Barware, T-shirts and stickers abound, all featuring the reaper and sickle image and spouting that Danzig style font. This beer knows how to kick it wicked.


harvest set


Last year I whipped up this Top ten List of The Best Halloween Horror Movies, showcasing my selection for the films that best embody the spirit of the holiday. I decided to repost it here for our Harvest of Horrors Giveaway. Check it out and then find out how to enter to WIN!

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Yes, we know. This is supposed to be a ‘weekly” roundup and last Sunday we didn’t have one. Well, last weekend was a busy blast for us as we attended Charlotte’s second annual Mad Monster Party, one of the biggest and best horror cons in the south.

Featuring celebrity guests, crazed vendors, haunted houses, a film festival, panels and even scaraoke, this was the horror event of the season and you know the Tavern was there, representin’!

So this weekend’s roundup is going to highlight all of the horror scoops we unearthed in our adventures there. However, I must first confess my lameness in missing two key events: the photo-op with Bruce Campbell and the exclusive screening of Maniac on Friday (sadly, I have a life outside of loving horror, and it got in the way). Still, I came back from this con with a lot of info and artifacts that I can’t wait to share with all you Tavernities. So why wait?

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