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Haunting tales of horror…

My book, “Growing Dark” by Kristopher Triana, is now available directly from the publisher for only $15 per book. You can use paypal on their website:


It is also available for pre-order on Amazon, with an official release date of July 28th, as well as the Kindle version which is already available for down load.

This is a collection of ten of my darkest short stories, some of which have appeared in magazines and anthologies, while others are new and exclusive to this book.

growing dark cover final
A small town is ruined by black rain, and two police officers find themselves face to face with the creatures lurking in the flooded streets. Paramedics find a remedy for a zombie virus outbreak — but can the survivors come to terms with their cannibalism? Former high-school sweethearts reconnect for the anniversary of a murder. Two deceased movie legends come back as avenging angels, tracking demons through haunted canyons. In the Wild West, an aging gunslinger returns to his favorite brothel, only to encounter a fathomless tar that’s devouring everyone within.
These stories and more fill Growing Dark. A macabre book of bloodcurdling terror, ranging from otherworldly evils to very human nightmares, this powerful collection is sure to keep you sleeping with the lights on.

“Triana has a voice unmatched by other writers in his field. His short stories pack more punch than your average novel. Beware of this man’s words, for they are dangerous and contagious.”
—Max Booth III, author of Toxicity

“Triana’s work really brings the thunder!”
—Jon Mikl Thor, musician, bodybuilder and actor (Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare)

“Kristopher Triana’s short story collection is a great read. His stories will keep you engaged and… I have to say I am not easily frightened but I caught myself white knuckling a few times. Thanks for the ride, Kris! ”
–Liane Curtis, actress (Sixteen Candles, Critters 2, Sons of Anarchy)

“Kristopher Triana is a great writer with a ton of imagination. His short stories are full of twists and turns that keep you wanting more!”
–Ted Prior, actor and director (Deadly Prey, Killer Workout)

“Kristopher Triana is one of the last, true badasses.”
—Tim Morse of Anal Cunt
“Kris Triana is bound to give the big boys of horror a run for their money! Whether it’s ‘quiet’ horror with a slow build or something incredibly extreme, Triana writes characters you care about, fleshing them out so well that you’ll cringe when he suddenly pulls the rug out from under you and viciously flays them alive. Seeing his name attached to any story guarantees you’re in for a great, ghoulish read!”
—Matt Kurtz, author of Monkey’s Box of Horrors

“Triana’s writing will make your soul feel like more maggots are raining out of it than in a Fulci film. It’s hyper reality crossed with the monsters under your bed – and they’re going to fight for your fear.”
–Eric Martin, Guts and Grog

“Growing Dark is a nerve-frying collection of short stories.”
–Tom Bryce, Shit Movie Fest

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It’s that darkly magical time of year again: HALLOWEEN.


It may only be mid-September, but we horror fans are already starting to celebrate the Season of the Witch, and the fall beers are joining us. One of our favorites at the tavern is Big Boss Brewery’s Harvest Time Pumpkin Ale. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Big Boss to giveaway some spooky swag this Friday the 13th! While we’d love to send you the beer itself, the fuzz won’t allow it – but don’t worry, we’re making up for it with a glorious gift set. Barware, T-shirts and stickers abound, all featuring the reaper and sickle image and spouting that Danzig style font. This beer knows how to kick it wicked.


harvest set


Last year I whipped up this Top ten List of The Best Halloween Horror Movies, showcasing my selection for the films that best embody the spirit of the holiday. I decided to repost it here for our Harvest of Horrors Giveaway. Check it out and then find out how to enter to WIN!

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Guest Post over at GUTS AND GROG, part II

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Anyone else a fan of this old Halloween story?

I did a second piece for Guts and Grog‘s “Horror with Training Wheels”. On Halloween morning I sat down and re-read one of my favorite children’s books, “The Pumpkin Smasher”, now long out of print. I reflected on Halloweens past, and wrote this:

Check it out over at Guts and Grog



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Well Linus, another Halloween has come and gone. We hope you didn’t get too many rocks.

This week has been a busy one for us, so forgive us for not having had much material for the webpage. But don’t worry, there is plenty of blood and booze swishing your way via the Tavern this month. The holiday season is in full swing now, and we have many themed posts planned. But for now, we’re going to offer up our weekly roundup, just to get November rolling.

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You gore-goons ready for another roundup from the great big horrorsphere? Damn straight.

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It’s the darkly magical time of year again: Halloween.


Mystical, morbid, and magnificent, this is any true horror fan’s favorite time of the year. I always get antsy and even more horror obsessed than usual when the leaves turn. But this is also the time of year when that is welcomed by others. In fact, this is when they always turn to me for fright advice, particularly when it comes to movies.

Now there are a lot of great scary movies out there, and any of them will do for Halloween time fright fests. However, with this list I have decided to pinpoint movies that embody the true spirit of Halloween itself. I have picked here ten movies (or movie combos) that I feel make for the best seasonal viewing, offering up not only chills but also a sense of holiday tradition and elements of the classic nature of horror entertainment. Many of them deal with Halloween directly, while others possess important traits that separate them for being just a scary movie and elevate them to the higher level of seasonal-specific scares.

But either way, each of these selections should be added to your holiday horrorshow.

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