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No matter who you are or what you’re into, you’ll face stereotypes – the preconceived notions people have of whatever it is you’re supposed to be based on where you come from, what you like and do, and how you look.

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Married With Christmas

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Hey Tavernities, put on your best grinch face and check out my guest post at Shit Movie Fest’s annual Shitmas special. Get ready to grump your way through every blasphemous Bundy Christmas – from a dead, splattered Santa to decapitated Nativity scenes!

JUST CLICK ON PEGGY TO GO THERE (or click this text)!

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ROCKIN’ BEYOND THE NIGHTMARE: An interview with Jon Mikl Thor, the Rock Warrior

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The Rock Warrior THOR has always shaken the very halls of Valhalla with inspiring anthemic Metal as powerful as the enchanted warhammer Mjolnir itself!

Bodybuilding champion, heavy metal icon, producer/star of such horror gems including the legendary Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, and explosive performer (blowing up hot water bottles, bending steel, and having cinder blocks broken over his chest are all in a night’s work)… THOR is an immensely powerful figure and it is an honor to have him join us at the Tavern! THOR will be a guest of honor on Friday September 27th at our Cult Film Fest, and on Saturday he will be performing LIVE at 80s in the Park. Tickets are still on sale — this show is not to be missed!!


Do you accept the challenge?

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An interview with Ted Prior, star of The Deadliest Prey — and one extremely rare giveaway!



The blonde hair. The bulging muscles. The thousand-mile stare.

Ted Prior is no stranger to cult cinema.


Multi-talented as an actor, filmmaker, model, musician and FX artist, Ted has lent his skills to screen and stage since his youth. He is beloved by cult cinema fans for his roles in Troma productions, his sci-fi buddy flick with David Carradine, and most of all, his collaborations with his director brother David A. Prior.

Together, the Prior brothers have created some cult and camp favorites, including Killer Workout, Sledgehammer, Born Killer, Raw Nerve and Raw Justice.

But the film they are most celebrated for is their 1987 one-man-army movie, Deadly Prey – a wild and ferocious underground film that is part The Deadliest Game and part First Blood. In it, an army of mercenaries who train by hunting live targets pursues an unstoppable killing machine. That killing machine is Mike Danton, and he is played perfectly by a muscle-bound and mullet-headed Ted Prior.




One reason I believe Deadly Prey is so beloved is that it is a time-capsule example of post-Vietnam War American films – particularly those that came out during the 80’s VHS boom, when indie filmmakers flooded the Mom n’ Pop video shelves with their more cost effective alternatives to big studio releases. It is one of many angry film fantasies from that era that vented the country’s frustration over the outcome of that war – films like Missing in Action, Steele Justice and of course the Rambo series.

But the other reason Deadly Prey remains one of the Prior’s brother’s most popular movies is that it never gets preachy, never takes itself too seriously, and it knows how to deliver truckloads of explosive fun even upon repeat viewings. It is over the top, ultra-violent, and shamelessly hammy.

When watching a movie like Deadly Prey, cult cinema fans can’t help but remark: “Man, they just don’t make them like this anymore.”

For twenty-seven years, that has been true. But now it’s 2013, and Mike Danton is back, baby!

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THE ART OF FEAR: An interview with Illustrator Kevin John, and a chance to win some of his horror artwork!

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Kevin John has been a professional sports artist for twenty-five years. He has done portraits of athletic legends such as Curtis Granderson, Joe Haden, Joe Frazier and Terrell Owens. His work has been showcased on ESPN, NBC and Spike TV. The man even works for Disney. He’s an accomplished artist to say the least, but now he’s catering to the devil on his shoulder.

John has just launched a new horror art project, taking a bold departure from his normal lineup of jock icons and trading in the boxing gloves for a rusty chainsaw.

John will be our featured artist at our Terror in the Park horrorcon for 80’s in the Park, and he’ll be creating a whole new masterwork for the event.

John swung by the tavern to shed some light on his new dark side. Read the interview and find out how you can win a set of lithographs of these gorgeously gruesome pieces!

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To celebrate the big festival convention we are co-hosting, 80’s in the Park, the Tavern has decided to host an 80’s week.

We’ve reached out to our favorite blogs, websites and writers to ask them to take a virtual time warp with us back to that glorious age of wall swatches and teased mullets, when ripped jeans became new and neon was everyone’s favorite color.

We came up with a top 8 list of our favorite eighties, and asked our friends at Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors, Shit Movie Fest, Guts and Grog, Freddy in Space and Back Online-Back On Duty to fill us in on their top 8 favorites as well.

Check out the earlier posts:
The Tavern of Terror
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Freddy in Space
Guts and Grog
Back Online. Back on Duty

As part of this week, we have a contest going with a truly grand prize. One lucky winner will receive TWO FREE PASSES* to all three days of 80’s in the Park in Melbourne, FL – featuring a cult film fest, min-horror con, faux prom, retro arcade and multiple concerts by 80’s legends such as Quiet Riot, Warrant, Slaughter, Tommy Tutone, and more.

Each day will post a new article by one of our rad guest writers, and each day you will have another chance to enter… to the max! The more articles you check out and share, the more chances you have to win!

*Two free adult passes to 80’s in the Park, includes both days at the Pavilion and the movie festival at Cinemaworld. This prize does NOT include travel expenses, lodging or cost of any food, autographs or merchandise bought at the event.


Get stoked for

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