Please Rewind: Revisiting My Youth

Gettin’ Gory with Corey

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Well, gore monkeys, it is time for another installment of Please, Rewind: Reliving the Saturday Night Frights of My Youth.  Our previous review in this category, The Lost Boys,  proved to be rather popular and I’m glad to see that people enjoy taking these trips down memory lane with me, even if our memory lane is more like Elm street.

This second film that helped pulled me into the abyss of horror also happens to be a Corey Haim feature too. Since revisiting The Lost Boys, the missus here at the Tavern has been teasing me for following up that viewing with additional Corey movies. License to Drive was unearthed. Even Dream a Little Dream got a screening.  Like it or not, the films of the two Coreys saturated the pre-teen entertainment market in those days, and all of us Gen-Xers get sentimental over them whether they’re good or bad (and whether or not we care to admit it). But all other Corey flicks aside, any real horror fan knows which one I was bound to end up really wanting to watch next.  Sure, there’s Friday the 13th Part 4 (one of my favorites in the series), and there’s The Burbs, which is all kinds of awesome… but no, you know which one you all saw as a kid — the one that made werewolves scary.

After all, vampires were Haim’s second nemesis as an underage slayer. His first encounter was with a lyncanthrope. I hadn’t seen Silver Bullet in over a decade, but I foamed at the mouth for it as a kid. Ultra violent and written by a guy who scared grown-ups, I was all about this one when I was a little shit. It became hard to find these past few years, being long out of print on DVD. But a new three-pack of King animal-horror was just unchained from the old yard — and now it is even on streaming Netflix and Amazon instant. So, clearly, it was time for me to hit rewind on this old monster romp.

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The Lost BoysOne of my favorite things to do is revisit a movie I loved when I was a kid, but have not seen in a very long time. There are only so many to choose from, because many of the films I adored as a youth I have continued to overkill with repeat viewings even as an adult. But there are some movies that just kind of fall away from you for a while, sometimes without a good reason, and then when you’re reunited it's more than a flashback — it's like catching up with an old friend too.

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